Feminists on Film

The Feminists on Film project is a series of short films, collectively titled ‘Radical Women, Radical City’, that tell the stories of women that have contributed to the development of Liverpool. The films are currently on exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool on the interactive map exhibit; each film is linked to a geographical location within the city and collectively form city-wide trail. The idea for the trail came out of an event in 2011 that celebrated the centenary of International Women’s Day. The event explored the contribution of radical women to the development of Liverpool and looked at campaigning, social reform, music and culture. Guest speakers at the event discussed the impact on the city of women activists past and present. A number of the women whose stories are told in this trail also spoke at that event.  Much of women’s historical and contemporary contribution to any city’s life and politics is hidden, ignored or unknown by chroniclers of the time.  Here, we hope to remedy this loss by highlighting just a few of Liverpool’s radical women. One of the videos from the interactive trail can be viewed beneath.